bodged cedar table….

The old bodgers, originally came from the broadleaved forests of britain (and numerous other countries) where they would make a bender out of live poles to house their family and tools as they traveled between forests making rough table legs. We thing of bodging something like half finishing, or screwing up a project. The bodgers would turn a pair of identical chair legs made of fresh green wood on a foot powered lathe in 7 minutes. These were no crude craftspeople, but their job was only to half finish, for then the seasoned legs were sent to the carpenter in town to fit into chairs. I love this kind of hand made economy which encourages healthy living practices. Anyway, in this sense I bodged the table together, rough hewing the boards to fit (then running most of them through a table saw…hem hem) using hatchet and draw knife to make joints and grapevine instead of dowels. Quite a fun little adventure; feel free to visit it at ossington ideal S of Dundas W side (orange building).

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