environmental arts mentoring no.6

this week was more focussed on the signs of spring, rabbit browse and a kill site we investigated. that may sound strange, though it was amazing to see the different tracks of dogs who had already run through the site numerous times where a rabbit was killed by the time we arrived in the late afternoon.

most of the dog tracks ran up to the kill, stopped, dug around, nabbed some bit of fur, and in a shark like frenzy (remember domesticated dogs also look for those rare moments when they can pretend they are wild like wolves) would run straight up the steep bank to savour their treasure. we mostly poked around with sticks and questions.

one person says: coyote

another says: hawk


it as harder to bring these lessons directly into drawing upon arriving back, so instead we set a different lesson: to try and draw a white pine terminal bud from a birds eye, or foreshortened, perspective.

here are the results. i believe one such result is the merfox-mermaid/fox (i have noticed that attention span in drawing is often defined by the faith you have to be able to render it so others can understand it. this was made a little more public, and therefore confidence was more strained, by being done in chalk while the weekend program was running in chimney court).

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