"In the pine top of my work table, 
the dark knots are boulders standing up in the river of grain,
sending eddies and ripples spinning downstream,
delivering the driftwood thought of a new journey to be taken,
through trees."

Roger Deakin, 'wildwood, a journey through trees',
pp.32, Penguin Books, Toronto, Canada, 2007.

An exhibit to honour the legacy of how my father’s explorations of this land and water has INGRAINED in me a desire to be out on the water – seeking to remember.

These six wood-burnt and inked birch wood panels are now hanging at a venue called ‘Mixed Senses’ at 592 Danforth ave, Toronto from the 10th of May until the 10th of June.

There is something about following the grains of the tree on the wood panel, as I trace the lines of my history on the water, in my family and through time.

This work traces lines back to my parents being out on the Arctic Ocean in Tuktoyuktuk, being out on the Shuswap lake as a teenager alone in the 21 foot freighter canoe from the arctic, through to my rebuilding a boat – to connect to the memory of my father, and to the paintings now hanging – holding and showing my memory – on the Danforth.

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On the water – building boats to remember
Process of making the show