a selection of contour lines run amok from 2007-current

2 thoughts on “Contour

  1. Some things have a charm of old broken toys, there are more realistic then photography of plastic reproduction. It is it, these forms are not simple products of computer designing and are out of common sense . So , it is so romantic too!


    1. 🙂 it is so common now to have everything perfectly rendered on a computer, by design firms who leave nothing to the imagination, and throw thousands of computer hours at competitions and prizes. Distant seem the craftspeople and artisans who work from the materials, and gain commissions from partial imaginative drawings. A teacher of mine in glasgow said: if you already know what the work is going to look like, why bother making it? And another ugandan friend said: if your going to draw something, it should be an honest manifestation of your thinking, you should be able to see on the paper your mind working something through, trying to understand something through drawing. That makes it real, not just an exercise. I like to draw only as much as I need to begin making out of wood or sticks or whathaveyou. Then the material and I work together. Hard to explain that on an application 🙂


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