1. ‘childish hands’ (stop motion live painting, jerusalem 2005)

Jerusalem 2004. house paint, ink, on advertisement board.

live painting from a memory of being in Yad Vashem, the holocaust memorial museum in western Jerusalem, Israel, when i was 13, painted on an advertising board, with the intention that this painted memory would ‘fade’ as people plastered advertising on top of it.
At the memorial there was a hall filled with books and a sculpture of hands which etched itself into my memory when i was a kid, i believe i even drew it then, and when i went back to the museum in 2005 i could not find this sculpture.
see the video in its natural environment :foolishnature.org/homely/memorial/memoriesofchildhood/memoriesofchildhood.html

2. ‘impatience’ (stop motion live painting, jerusalem 2005)

I recall my father scolding me for ripping open a bag of gummy bears when i should have just untied the knot. i find it odd that this moment, over many others traveling over Israel, stands out. When i painted this in 2005, it was immediatly covered over with grey paint, and i went into the local building with a concealed camera to find out why. the response was: you think we have time to go around painting over other peoples paintings? where would we get the paint?
you can see that four residents of the ‘school’ spent most of the night talking to me about the painting.
see the video in its natural environment :

ironically i do not remember the memory which triggered this painting anymore, which is somewhat unnerving.
see the video in its natural environment : foolishnature.org/homely/memorial/memoriesofchildhood/thewal/thewall.html